The G8 and G20 Summits: Brief Summary

June 2010

Prime Minister Naoto Kan attended the G8 Summit in Muskoka, Canada and G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada from June 25 to 27.

At the G8 Summit, views were exchanged on such topics as the global economy, development, and peace and security. During the dialogue on peace and security, Prime Minister Kan led a discussion on North Korean issues. Particularly, with regard to the recent sinking of a South Korean naval vessel, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of issuing a strong message seeking support for the Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK), condemning the attack by North Korea, and demanding that North Korea refrain from committing any attacks or threatening hostilities against the ROK. These points were included in the declaration issued by the G8 leaders.

As a gathering of major countries, another key issue at the G8 was global poverty and development, in particular maternal and child health. Prime Minister Kan expressed that Japan pays significant attention to maternal and child health and announced that Japan would provide additionally up to 50 billion Japanese yen or approximately 500 million US dollars in five years from 2011.

At the G20 Summit, leaders focused on the balance between economic growth and fiscal consolidation amidst the current global economy. Prime Minister Kan explained Japan's recently formed New Growth Strategy and Fiscal Management Strategy, by which Japan aims to realize a "strong economy, robust public finances, and strong social security system" altogether, and these strategies were welcomed in the declaration by G20 leaders. Also, the Prime Minister stressed that he would increase growth by expanding market size and employment in such sectors as nursing, medical care, and childcare.

This was Prime Minister Kan's debut in the diplomatic arena. Through the G8 and G20 summits, and various bilateral meetings, the Prime Minister successfully achieved the results above, developed trust with other leaders, and promoted the new administration's domestic and foreign policies to the international community.

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