Japan-United Kingdom Summit Meeting

June 9, 2004

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi held a summit meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom in Sea Island, Georgia on the occasion of the G8 Summit. The meeting was held at Sinclair Ocean House in Sea Island from 17:05 to 17:55 on June 8, 2004.

1. Bilateral Relations

The two leaders welcomed steady progress of bilateral cooperation in three areas on which joint statements were announced at their summit meeting in Hakone last July, namely, information and communications technology, science and technology and environment. Both leaders agreed to make efforts to develop further cooperation in these areas.

With regard to economic and investment issues, Prime Minister Koizumi reaffirmed that Japan attached great importance to the promotion of foreign direct investment.

Prime Minister Blair greatly appreciated the role of Japanese direct investment in the UK, and both leaders agreed on the importance of continued expansion of bilateral investment in both directions.

2. International Situation

(1) Iraq

The two leaders were pleased with the adoption of Resolution by the United Nations (UN) Security Council, noting with satisfaction that the unanimous decision was a significant achievement of the international cooperation. They also shared the view on the following points:

(a) It is crucial that the Iraqi people can feel changes through the transfer of sovereignty.

(b) It is essential that the Iraqi people themselves gradually take on responsibility for national administration, including domestic security.

(c) It is important to advance reconstruction for improvement of security situation and progress in the political process.

Prime Minister Koizumi welcomed the unanimous adoption of the UN Security Council resolution immediately preceding the Japan-UK Summit Meeting, as a result of the coordination of the international community in a difficult situations that had overcome the confrontation before the use of military force in Iraq. Prime Minister Koizumi expressed his respect for the efforts of Prime Minister Blair in the process.

Prime Minister Blair expressed in return his gratitude to Prime Minister Koizumi, saying he highly appreciated and respected Prime Minister Koizumi's great courage and conviction in continuing reconstruction assistance to Iraq under the difficult situation of the recent hostage incidents.

Both leaders agreed to continue their efforts towards Iraq's reconstruction. The leaders also affirmed the necessity of bilateral cooperation in advancing the political process through maintenance and strengthening of international cooperation, including the active involvement of the UN.

(2) North Korea

Prime Minister Koizumi provided the following account of his recent visit to North Korea.

(a) Japan's position on North Korea remains unchanged, and Japan will closely cooperate towards the complete dismantlement of nuclear programs, through the Six-Party Talks, while continuing to talk to China.

(b) The normalization of relations between Japan and North Korea is premised on a comprehensive resolution of all issues, including the nuclear and abduction issues.

(c) Prime Minister Koizumi stressed during the visit the merits of complete dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear programs accompanied by international verification. In response, Chairman Kim Jong-Il, while stating that denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was the ultimate goal, emphasized unease on US policy and eager to engage in discussions with the US through the Six-Party Talks. Chairman Kim also stated that the proposed freezing of nuclear programs would be accompanied by verification.

Prime Minister Blair appreciated the results of Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to North Korea, stating that he welcomed the direct involvement of Prime Minister Koizumi and that the leaders counted on him. Prime Minister Blair also expressed UK support for the Six-Party Talks process, noting that UK's long-standing understanding and support for the Japanese position remained unchanged.

3. Other Issues

After the meeting, both leaders enjoyed talking about the Japan-England football match of the previous week.

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