Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000
Outline of Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Meeting




Naha Hari (Dragon Boat Race)
Naha Hari (Dragon Boat Race)

Eisa, one of the most popular and famous
Okinawan folk dances

The "Ocean Carnival," "the Kingdom Festa in Ryukyu," "Suntopia Okinawa," and the "Flower Carnival" are Okinawa's four major annual events and attract a great number of tourists. "The Ocean Carnival" is an event that is held at various beaches on Okinawa. During the "Kingdom Festa in Ryukyu," many folk arts such as Shimauta song and Ryukyu dance are performed at various locales. The main events of the Festa are the Naha Festival in Naha City and the International Carnival in Okinawa in Okinawa City. "Suntopia Okinawa" is a winter event that takes advantage of Okinawa's mild winter climate. It is a celebration of sports and culture, and numerous athletic competitions as well as educational lectures are held at this time. The "Flower Carnival" begins with Japan's first cherry blossom festival of the season, and it is a series of events related to flowers that includes the Flower Festival and Orchid Fair. The Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park is the main site of these events.


Okinawan Cuisine
Okinawan Cuisine

Okinawa is one of the world's foremost islands of longevity, and the Okinawan diet is based on a Chinese principle that food and medicine are derived from the same source and are both means to a healthy life. The traditional cuisine makes good combination of protein, such as pork and Tofu, and vegetables. Another feature is the use of medicinal ingredients such as Fuchibah (mugwort) and Irabu (sea snake). There are two kinds of Okinawan cuisine: court cuisine and popular cuisine. Court cuisine developed during the Ryukyu Dynasties and was influenced by Chinese and Japanese cuisine, while popular cuisine developed in ordinary households. Although court cuisine centers mainly on pork dishes, there are a surprising variety of them. Popular cuisine is the result of the wisdom of Okinawa's common people related to Okinawa's subtropical natural environment. A typical dish is Champuru in which just about any ingredient is mixed together and sautéed.


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