Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000
Outline of Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Meeting


Agriculture / Fisheries

The biggest feature of Okinawa's industry is its large proportion of the tertiary industry centered on the service sector. The tourist industry developed especially rapidly after the Okinawa International Marine Expo held between July 1975 and January 1976. Tourism now plays a leading role in the tertiary industry. Additionally, the proportion of the construction sector is also becoming relatively high.


Sugar Cane Field
Sugar Cane Field

Farming in Okinawa Prefecture is befitting of its subtropical climate. Agricultural crops include sugar cane, vegetables, flowers and fruits. Traditionally, livestock farming centered on pigs, but recently, beef cattle are also being raised for shipment.


Fisheries include inshore and deep-sea fishing for bonito and tuna. Fish farming includes prawn and Mozuku, a type of seaweed that branches out into numerous thready filaments.


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