(Annotated Agenda)

- implementation of the human security related mandate from Leaders and Ministers -

Thursday, 6 October 2005
At Fuji Room, 3rd Floor of Main Building, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan


(Japan) Mr. Takahiro Shinyo
Global Issues Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


(Thailand) Ambassador Suvidhya Simaskul
The Thai Ambassador to Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
09:30- Registration
(In front of Fuji Room)

Welcoming and Opening Remarks/ Adoption of the Agenda - Brief Description of the Topics

10:00-10:10 Introductory remarks
Mr. Yukio Takasu
Ambassador of Japan in charge of Human Security
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
10:10-10:20 Key note address
Ms. Sadako Ogata
Former co-chair of the Commission on Human Security
President of Japan International Cooperation Agency
10:20-10:25 Presentation on the objectives of this seminar and the expected outcome
Ambassador Suvidhya Simaskul
10:25-10:30 Adoption of the agenda
Ambassador Suvidhya Simaskul

Agenda 1: Human Security in the context of APEC: a review of the mandate from the Leaders and Ministers (conducted by Mr. Takahiro Shinyo)

10:30-10:50 Presentation 1:
Mr. Hiroshi Minami
Global Issues Policy Division
Global Issues Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
10:50-11:10 Presentation 2:
Mr. Chutintorn Gongsakdi
Director, International Economic Policy Division
Department of International Economic Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
11:10-11:30 Presentation 3:
Dr. Robert Lawson
Acting Director
Human Security Policy Division
Foreign Affairs Canada
11:30-12:00 Q&A and Discussion

12:00-13:30 Buffet Lunch hosted by Ambassador Suvidhya Simaskul, Thailand
(Miyabi Room)

Agenda 2: Human Security Related Activities in APEC
(conducted by Mr. Chutintorn Gongsakdi)

In this session, participants will analyze and elaborate on specific APEC activities through the presentations by relevant APEC fora on their existing human security related activities.

13:30-13:50 Item 2-1: Presentation by a representative of the Counter-Terrorism Task Force (CTTF)
Mr. Daniel R. Espiritu
Special Assistant to the under Secretary
Department of Foreign Affairs, the Philipines
- CTTF's activities on counter-terrorism and human security will be presented and elaborated.
13:50-14:10 Q&A and Discussion
14:10-14:30 Item 2-2: Presentation by the Chair of the Task Force on Emergency Preparedness (TFEP)
Ambassador Herijanto Soeprapto
Director-General for Asia Pacific & Africa
Department of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
- TFEP's activities on human security such as emergencies and natural disasters will be presented and elaborated.
14:30-14:50 Q&A and Discussion


Moderator: Dr. Takahiro SHINYO, Director-General, Global Issues Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

14:50-15:20 Presentation by Dr. Shigeru OMI, Regional Director, WHO,
Western Pacific Regional Office on Avian Influenza

- Presentation on Fight Against Avian Influenza in Asia
15:20-15:40 Q&A and Discussion
15:40-16:15 Coffee Break (Tsuru Room)
16:15-16:45 Item 2-3: Wrap up on Human Security related APEC initiatives
In this session, participants will explore how to build capacity and empower people in the APEC region, particularly in the developing economies.

16:45-17:45 Conclusion
Mr. Takahiro Shinyo
Global Issues Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
During this session, the seminar will formulate a report to APEC SOM on its discussions.
17:45- Closing Remarks (by Mr. Takahiro Shinyo)
19:00- Reception hosted by Mr. Shuzen Tanigawa, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
(Tsuru Room)

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