Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange

Japanese Studies

In order to maintain and develop positive relationships among the countries of the world and deepen the understanding of Japan within those countries, the Government is supporting research overseas related to the politics, economy, society and culture of Japan. Primarily working through the Japan Foundation, it is carrying out a variety of complex aid measures such as the dispatch of visiting professors to core Japan studies institutions overseas, libraries support related to Japan, providing assistance for the organization of meetings and providing overseas Japan studies researchers with the opportunity to conduct research in Japan.

Intellectual Exchange

There are currently many issues in the world which must be dealt with on a global scale, such as the financial issues, climate change, environment and conflicts between ethnic groups and religions. Intellectual exchange is meant to encourage bilateral or multilateral conversations, cooperation and exchange thereby pursuing the coexistence of diverse societies and facilitating the establishment of common values and rules in international society. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning, executing and supporting projects that place an emphasis on cooperative work/exchange with other countries, for the purpose of promoting the intellectual contribution and communication by Japan towards world development and stability.

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