July 31, 2019
(Photo)State Minister for Foreign Affairs Masahisa SATO

Mr. Masahisa SATO

Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP)
Member of the House of Councilors
Proportional Representation (elected three times)

Date Curriculum Vitae
1960 Born in Fukushima Prefecture
Graduated from Sabara Elementary School, Seishin Junior High School and Fukushima High School
1983 Graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan (27th intake, Department of Applied Physics)
1984 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) Fourth Infantry Regiment (Obihiro)
1992 Asian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1994 Company Commander, JGSDF Fifth Infantry Regiment (Aomori )
1996 Commanding officer, 1st Japanese Contingent,
United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), Golan Heights, Syria
1998 Graduated from U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (Kansas, USA)
2001 Plans, Operations & Training Department North Eastern Army (Sendai)
2004 Commander, JGSDF Advance Team for Iraq
Commander, 1st Iraqi Reconstruction Support Unit, Al Samawah, Iraq
Commander, Seventh Infantry Regiment
Commander, JGSDF Fukuchiyama Camp
July 2007 Elected to the House of Councillors for the first time (21st Election)
2012 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense (2nd Abe Cabinet)
July 2013 Reelected to the House of Councillors (23rd Election)(second term)
2016 Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the House of Councillors
Chief Deputy Secretary-General for the LDP in the House of Councillors
August 2017 State Minister for Foreign Affairs (3rd Abe Cabinet (3rd Reshuffled))
November 2017 State Minister for Foreign Affairs (4th Abe Cabinet)
October 2018 State Minister for Foreign Affairs (4th Abe Cabinet (Reshuffled))
July 2019 Reelected to the House of Councillors (25th Election)(third term)
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