Messages from Friends

Nearly a year has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. With generous support from all over the world, Japan is now on a steady path to recovery. Our friends from abroad, who recently visited Japan, sent messages sharing their experiences and impressions of our country.

Charles Dutoit Photograph

Charles Dutoit Orchestra Conductor

Movie YouTube Charles Dutoit

“I was fascinated with Japan from the start, by the culture and the beauty of the landscapes. What I love most here is the friendliness, the good manners and the education. People carry themselves with such elegance”

Neymar Photograph

Neymar Soccer Player

Movie YouTube Neymar

“I came to Japan for the first time in 2005 as a member of the Brazilian National Under-15 Soccer Team. I remember the street had been lit up at night. It was very beautiful. Lights from billboards and shops spill out onto the streets, and it’s… wonderful”

Farukh Ruzimatov Irina Perren Photograph

 Farukh Ruzimatov Irina Perren Ballet Dancers

Movie YouTube Farukh Ruzimatov Irina Perren

“In Japan people respect each other, and also have self-respect. Both are important” (Ruzimatov)
“Japan is a remarkable country with its own culture, worldviews, customs and tradition” (Perren)

Yugang Li Photograph

Yugang Li Stage Performer

Movie YouTube Yugang Li

“I’m really looking forward to seeing this country, just to experience it. Japan’s culture and art, and China’s are different, but they do have a lot in common. I hope to find out about the differences as well as the similarities.”

Anne Akiko Meyers Photograph

Anne Akiko Meyers Violinist

Movie YouTube Anne Akiko Meyers

“The combination of the absolute beauty of Japan, in Kyoto, to be able to see the changing of the leaves or try different kinds of tofu and different temples. There’s a peacefulness, and there’s a gentleness that pervades in all the gardens”

Marty Friedman Photograph

Marty Friedman Guitar Player

Movie YouTube Marty Friedman

“I’ve never felt as safe as I do in Japan anywhere else in the whole world. I really feel safe in Japan. I feel like that if I drop my wallet on the street in front of my house, the next day it would still be there”

Michael Krumm Photograph

Michael Krumm Race Driver

Movie YouTube Michael Krumm

“I like the fairness, good sanitary conditions and precise operation of trains in Japan. I’m German, born and raised in Germany. We’re similar in nature to the Japanese. We’re strict with time, diligent, and not only willing to work, but are hard working”

Dae-Ho Lee Photograph

Dae-Ho Lee Baseball Player

Movie YouTube Dae-Ho Lee

“For me, Japan means baseball. I’ve always envied the Japanese people because baseball is so popular in Japan. I like it here because people show respect toward baseball players”