Japan-Yemen Relations

March 23, 2023
Courtesy Call on Prime Minister Maeen by Charge d'Affaires Higashi
Charge d'Affaires Higashi visits Port of Aden
Japanese ODA project site at Aden Port

Mr. HIGASHI Kazuhiro, Charge d'Affaires ad interim of Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Yemen, visited Aden city, the transitional capital of the Republic of Yemen, to hold talks with officials of the Government of Yemen and to make observations of the situation on the ground from March 19 to 21. The overview is as follows. This visit was made upon the implementation of thorough safety measures.

  1. Mr. Higashi paid a courtesy call on H.E. Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed,Prime Minister of the Republic of Yemen. During the call, Mr. Higashi explained Japan's humanitarian assistance to Yemen through international organizations and appreciated the efforts of the Government of Yemen towards extending the truce agreement that expired last October. Mr. Higashi also stated that Japan will continue to make efforts towards realizing a durable peace in Yemen in cooperation with the Government of Yemen. In response, Prime Minister Maeen expressed his appreciation for Japan's contributions towards realizing peace and stability in Yemen, including providing humanitarian assistance, and stated that Yemen will continue to work closely with Japan.
  2. Mr. Higashi also made a site visit to a Grant Aid project in FY 2022 “the Project for the Improvement of Efficiency in the Port of Aden” which is currently underway in cooperation with UNDP to support the efforts of the Government of Yemen to strengthen the functions of Aden city, the transitional capital.
  3. Furthermore, Mr. Higashi hold talks with officials of the Government of Yemen, including H.E. Dr. Abdul Salam Saleh HUMAID, Minister of Transport of the Republic of Yemen and H.E. Dr. Nazar Abdullah Nasser BASUHAIB, Vice Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of the Republic of Yemen who visited Japan recently to participate in JICA's training program aiming at capacity building for recovery and reconstruction.
  4. The Government of Japan, in cooperation with the United Nations and countries concerned, will continue to work actively to realize peace and stability in Yemen through providing necessary assistance and making diplomatic efforts.

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