Japan-Turkey Relations

June 7, 2023

The year 2024 marks the 100th commemorative year of Japan-Türkiye diplomatic relations. Taking advantage of this occasion, various commemorative events and exchange programs will be held in the next year, in order to further develop the relations between the two countries. In this regard, we call far and wide for a logo design to be used in related events and PR materials.

The application information is as follows:

  1. Please submit your design of Logo for the centenary of the establishment of Japan-Türkiye diplomatic relations.
  2. Submissions are welcome from anyone, regardless of nationality, age, or place of residence.
  3. Submissions must be received by 31 Aug, 2023 (local time).
  4. Please submit your logo by email to japan-turkiye100@mofa.go.jp.
    For more information you may contact with the same email address.
  5. The submitted designs will be evaluated and chosen one design to be used as the official logo for the centenary of the establishment of Japan-Türkiye diplomatic relations by both governments of Japan and Türkiye.
  6. The results will be announced on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Japanese Embassy and Japanese Consulate General in Türkiye, and other relevant agencies.
  7. How to submit your design
    Please send your logo design (original data) and filled logo application form by email (japan-turkiye100@mofa.go.jp) entitled “Logo Entry” . Make sure to read the following instructions before submission. We do not accept submissions by post.
    • (1) Your logo must be sent as a JPEG, PDF or EPS file no larger than 3 MB and at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. It should fit on an A4 page when printed. (We may request formatting changes if necessary.)
    • (2) Please put intention/explanation of your logo design in the application form with approximately 50 words long. Please do not include it in the email body. When the selected logo is announced, the explanation will be made public.
    • (3) Please submit both color and black-and-white versions of your design (no restrictions on number of colors, gradations, etc.).
    • (4) Each applicant shall submit only one entry and multiple entries from the same contestant will not be considered.
    • (5) No submitted logo designs or materials will be returned.
  8. Points to note
    • (1) Submitted logo designs must be new and created exclusively for centenary of the establishment of Japan-Türkiye diplomatic relations, not previously published anywhere, and must not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, etc., of any third parties.
    • (2) Submissions that contain any of the following will be disqualified:
      • (a) content that is offensive,
      • (b) content that violates or might violate laws,
      • (c) content that includes slander, or infringe on copyrights or third party rights.
      Also, even if your design is chosen, the decision will be nullified if it is found to violate these terms.
    • (3) All rights to submitted designs and the copyright to the selected logo will belong to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The applicant whose logo is selected agrees to relinquish all rights and interests in the design. In principle, submitted designs will not be altered other than to adjust size, convert to black-and-white, or to translate into Japanese, English and Turkish.
    • (4) The selected design will be subject to any edits, alterations or processing necessary for use.
    • (5) In the event the logo is found to be unsatisfactory after the selection process, or if agreement cannot be reached as to revisions to the logo, the selected design will be withdrawn from use.
    • (6) The selected logo may be withdrawn from use if any information submitted with the design is later determined to be false.
    • (7) The selected logo design in its final form will be distributed to parties authorized by Japanese and Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will be used for the purpose of the centenary of the establishment of Japan-Türkiye diplomatic relations.
    • (8) Personal information (other than name and affiliation) of those submitting logo designs will not be disclosed or offered to third parties without the designer’s permission.
    • (9) We do not send receipt of submissions. Also, we do not contact each applicant when it turned out that their designs were not selected. We cannot reply to inquiries concerning the selection process.

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