Japan-Guatemala Relations

February 23, 2023
Japan-Guatemala Foreign Ministers’ Meeting1
Japan-Guatemala Foreign Ministers’ Meeting2

On February 23 at 12:40 p.m. (local time; on February 24, 2:40 a.m. JST) for approximately 30 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, who is visiting New York to attend the UN General Assembly Emergency Special Session on Ukraine and Security Council Ministerial Debate, held a meeting with H.E. Mario Adolfo Búcaro Flores, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guatemala. The overview is as follows:

  1. Minister Búcaro expressed his appreciation for Japan’s cooperation and his desire to further strengthen bilateral relations, including the revitalization of the exchanges between the two countries and investment. Minister Hayashi stated that Guatemala is an important partner with which Japan shares fundamental values, and that Japan will continue to cooperate for its sustainable socio-economic development, including addressing the immigration issue, and that he hopes to further develop bilateral relations.
  2. Minister Hayashi also mentioned the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Partnership (FOIP)” and expressed his desire to work closely with Guatemala in promoting the FOIP in order to maintain and strengthen the international order based on the rule of law. Minister Búcaro, while agreeing with this, stated that he would like to work closely with Japan to maintain and strengthen the international order.
  3. The two ministers exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine, including the resolution at the UN General Assembly, the situation in East Asia, including the response to North Korea in the face of its nuclear and missile activities and the abduction issue, the Security Council reform including strengthening the UN functions, disarmament and non-proliferation, peace keeping, and other international issues, and confirmed that they would continue to work together.

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