Climate Change

January 9, 2018
The first meeting of the Advisory Panel on Climate Change

1.The first meeting of the Advisory Panel on Climate Change was held on January 9, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the attendance of Mr. Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

2.At the first meeting, Minister Kono addressed to the participants and asked for lively discussion and robust recommendation to be submitted. After introductory members, Ms. Mika Obayashi, Director of the Renewable Energy Institute and Ms. Miho Kurosaki, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, made a brief presentation on current trend of the renewable energy and electricity market. Based on the presented information and data, participants of the meeting exchanged their opinions and views.

3.After the next meeting, Mr. Hideo Suzuki, Director-General for Global Issues, members of the Advisory panel on Climate Change and persons from companies who engage in the introduction of renewable energy and measures against Climate Change will have several meetings between the middle of January and the beginning of February.

[Reference] Members of the Advisory Panel of Experts on Climate Change

Takejiro Sueyoshi Special Advisor to UNEP-FI in the Asia Pacific region
Mika Ohbayashi Director, Renewable Energy Institute
Sergio Kato Corporate Vice President, Sustainability Management Division, Export
(Import Adiministration, Ricoh Company, Ltd.)
Miho Kurosaki Bloomberg New Energy Finance Head of Japan & Korean Reserch
Tatsujiro Suzuki Director, Professor, Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University
Teisuke TED Suzuki Executive Vice President, Suzuhiro Kamaboko Co., Ltd.
(President, Network of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Business and Energy Future, Chairperson of Odawara Hakone Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
Hiroshi Takahashi Professor, Tsuru University
Naoyuki Yamagishi Climate and Energy Group Leader, Conservation Division, WWF-Japan
Mari Yoshitaka Chief Consultant, Clean Energy Finance Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

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