Diplomatic Bluebook

October 27, 2015

Chapter 1 International Situation and Japan's Diplomacy
Heading toward the Future based on the Path we have walked over the Past 70 Years (PDF)
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  1. 70 Years After World War II: The Path as a Peace-Loving Nation
  2. International Situation and Japan's Diplomacy in 2014

Chapter 2 Japan's Foreign Policy that Takes a Panoramic Perspective of the World Map (PDF)Open a New Window

  1. Asia and Oceania
  2. North America
  3. Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Europe
  5. Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus
  6. The Middle East and North Africa
  7. Sub-Saharan Africa

Chapter 3 Japan's Foreign Policy to Promote National and Worldwide Interests (PDF)Open a New Window

  1. Efforts for Peace and Stability of Japan and the International Community
  2. Japan's International Cooperation—ODA and Response to Global Issues
  3. Economic Diplomacy
  4. Efforts to Promote Understanding of, and Trust in Japan

Chapter 4 Japan's Diplomacy Open to the Public (PDF)Open a New Window

  1. Japanese Society and People Deepening Their Ties with the World
  2. Supporting Japanese Nationals Overseas
  3. Diplomacy with the Support of the Public

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