Japan-United Kingdom Relations

March 15, 2020
On March 15, commencing at around 6 p.m. for approximately 40 minutes, Mr. ABE Shinzo, Prime Minister of Japan, held a summit telephone talk with the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The overview of the talk is as follows.
  1. Prime Minister Johnson asked about the latest steps that Japan has taken to address the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and in reply, Prime Minister Abe explained Japan’s measures. Prime Minister Johnson also gave an update on the UK’s efforts to tackle the virus and expressed his gratitude for Japan’s support in relation to the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  2. Prime Minister Abe emphasized the importance of the G7 demonstrating their firm response, with a view to mitigating a global economic downturn.
  3. Prime Minister Johnson stated that he is looking forward to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Prime Minister Abe replied that he is striving to make them safe and secure as a symbol of overcoming the coronavirus.
  4. Prime Minister Johnson stated that he is looking forward to visiting Japan in the near future. In reply, Prime Minister Abe stated that he is looking forward to that day.

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