Japan-EU Relations

February 9, 2022

On Wednesday, 9 February, for approximately 10 minutes from 11:50 a.m., Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio received a courtesy call from the Japan-EU Business Round Table (BRT) Co-Chairman SAKUYAMA Masaki (Senior Advisor of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) and Mr. Michael MROCZEK, (Chairman of the European Business Council in Japan (EBC) and representing BRT Co-Chairman). The summary of the meeting is as follows:

  1. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Sakuyama handed Prime Minister Kishida the Joint Recommendation to the Government of Japan and the EU, which was adopted at the BRT Annual Meeting last year.
  2. Subsequently, Co-Chairman Sakuyama briefed on the discussions at the BRT Annual Meeting and the summary of the Joint Recommendations and expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the Governments of Japan and the EU on enhancement of economic relations between Japan and the EU. He also expressed the hope that the Governments of Japan and the EU would continue to cooperate with industries to promote various policies. Furthermore, Mr. Mroczek stated that the BRT believed that cooperation between Japan and the EU would successfully lead the way for a more digital and greener future.
  3. Prime Minister Kishida expressed his gratitude for the strenuous support by the BRT for the Japan-EU EPA, stating that “NextGenerationEU” of the EU and the New Capitalism of the Government of Japan are both seeking new models of capitalism and therefore in line with each other. He also stated his willingness to continue working closely with Japanese and the EU industries to further strengthen Japan-EU relations.

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