North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

November 20, 2020
(Photo 1) Video message by State Minister Uto
(Photo 2) NATO-JAPAN Security Symposium 2020
  1. On November 19, the NATO-JAPAN Security Symposium 2020 was held by the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and the Embassy of Norway in Tokyo. Mr. UTO Takashi, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, sent a video message to the symposium.
  2. In this message, State Minister Uto expressed that Japan aims to achieve a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Ocean”, and based on this diplomatic policy, coordination between Japan, the US and Europe is essential to maintain a rules-based international order with an eye on post-COVID-19 developments.
  3. In addition, State Minister Uto stated that Japan and NATO are reliable and natural partners, sharing common values and strategic interests, and Japan will continue to further strengthen its relationship with NATO.

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