Japan-Ukraine Relations

June 9, 2023
A commemorative photo of Parliamentary Vice Minister Yoshikawa and Professor Plokhii
Parliamentary Vice Minister Yoshikawa and Professor Plokhii who exchange opinions after having a seat

On June 9, commencing at 3:00 p.m. for approximately 30 minutes, Ms. YOSHIKAWA Yuumi, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, received a courtesy call from Professor Serhii PLOKHII, Professor of Ukrainian History, Director of the Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University. The overview is as follows:

  1. At the beginning of the meeting, Parliamentary Vice Minister Yoshikawa explained Japan's response to the Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and Japan's efforts to support Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction.
  2. Then, Parliamentary Vice Minister Yoshikawa exchanged views on the overall situation in Ukraine with Prof. Plokhii, an expert on Ukrainian history.
  3. Professor Plokhii expressed his high regard for Japan's leadership as the chair of the G7 in the international response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine and his expectations for Japan's role in the future recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. In addition, Prof. Plokhii also explained Ukraine's history as an independent state, focusing on developments after the collapse of the Soviet Union, especially the process of democratic development in Ukraine, based on the results of his research.

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