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January 10, 2024
Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi and Secretary-General Cormann who shake hands facing straight at a camera

On January 10, commencing at 4:00 p.m. for approximately 20 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, received a courtesy call from Mr. Mathias Cormann, Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The summary of the courtesy call is as follows.

  1. Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi expressed his pleasure to see Secretary-General Cormann again and his desire to further promote cooperation with the OECD, given the fact that Japan will chair the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) to be held on May 2 and 3. Chief Cabinet Secretary HAYASHI also conveyed his gratitude for the OECD's messages of sympathy regarding the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake.
  2. Chief Cabinet Secretary HAYASHI pointed out the importance of OECD's outreach to the Southeast Asia and stated his desire to continue working with Secretary-General Cormann to make full use of the OECD Tokyo Centre in this context.
  3. Secretary-General Cormann expressed his condolences for the loss of lives in the Noto Peninsula earthquake, and stated that he will provide full support to Japan for the success of this year's MCM.
(Reference1)OECD Secretary-General Mathias Cormann’s biography
  • Born in Belgium in September 1970 (age 53). He is currently an Australian citizen.
  • Served as Australian Minister for Finance from 2013 to 2020.
  • Became the 6th OECD Secretary-General in June 2021.
(Reference2)The OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM)
  • The MCM is the most important annual meeting of the OECD's highest decision-making body, the Council, with the participation of ministers from each country.
  • This is the third time that Japan chairs the MCM, following in 1978 and 2014.

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