Middle East

February 1, 2015

[Provisional Translation]

1. A video purporting to show that Mr. Kenji Goto was murdered was uploaded on line, following Mr. Haruna Yukawa. When I think about the unbearable pain and sorrow that his family must be feeling, I am rendered simply speechless. As a government, we have pursued every possible means to save their lives. We feel greatest sorrow and profound grief.

2. I am infuriated by these inhumane and despicable acts of terrorism, and resolutely condemn these impermissible and outrageous acts.
I will never forgive these terrorists. I will work with the international community to hold them responsible for their deplorable acts.

3. Japan will never give in to terrorism.
We will further expand our humanitarian assistance in the Middle East in areas such as food and medical care.
Japan will steadfastly fulfill its responsibility in the international community combatting terrorism.

4. I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude to the world leaders, our friends, who have kindly extended their strong solidarity against these acts of terrorism and cooperation toward the release of the hostages.

5. We will continue to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of Japanese nationals at home and abroad.

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