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November 10, 2020

CSCA Public Key Certificate

Country Signing Certificate Authority (CSCA) public key certificates are distributed as a part of the ICAO Master List which is available in the ICAO PKD website.

The self-signed public key certificate issued by the CSCA and its fingerprints are as follows.

Serial number Date of Issue Fingerprint
June 19, 2019
SHA-1 552042A08F4A0A93B41C8D5A5A83B671128C755F
SHA-256 493260E5D98322B0CF61EABCAF5FE34E182A9B82F862F8555E431A8268F984F1
February 20, 2015
SHA-1 2A48B025B329A26D26A9FBD479A2DE8C306F377B
SHA-256 5434B41ED095630D193572FF0FE821A1382FBC35051FD696AE66A00738145D8B
May 14, 2013
SHA-1 E7561BEE7617AE16E4B63CE770D3B5AED638A62B
SHA-256 764B5259B64DC7D34D7695080F8D9D523ACDB45E8436D32E3019033955066B4C
June 23, 2008
SHA-1 CFA431C82B344E3E30839E45EEDD878D74A5C5D7
SHA-256 5DBBD8D8B9428D7B7665F98838322520BB3D3772908B21D4226A8C9BA591D274
February 14, 2006
SHA-1 7059F6EBC2345225C8FD2CD16FCD9F788F8D1BFC
SHA-256 D6039B94F550A3D4CE31F278CC438E473457A44095CBE20571EDBBA7AFF55C61

Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

The CRL for public key certificates is distributed by the ICAO PKD.

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