Consular Services

May 25, 2020
  1. On May 25th, “New measures to strengthen border measures” were decided at the Meeting of the National Security Council. The measures including visa restrictions, which had been decided to be implemented until the last day of May, have been extended until the last day of June (the implementation period can be renewed.) The measures will continue to be applied to all the countries and regions which have been subject to the measures since the decision at the Meeting of National Security Council on April 1st or before.
  2. The latest information on measures related to visa restrictions will be published on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Japanese Embassies and Consulates General. Those who plan to travel to Japan are advised to refer to these websites as it is renewed.
  3. From 0:00 am, April 3rd, 2020 (JST), the measures to call upon all nationals to stand by for 14 days at a location designated by a quarantine station chief and to refrain from using public transportation have been introduced. Those who plan to travel to Japan are invited to be mindful of these measures. Please contact the Ministry of Health, Labour and WelfareOpen a New Window for inquiries related to these measures.
  4. Please visit the website of Prime Minister of Japan and his CabinetOpen a New Window for the “New measures to strengthen border measures”.

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