Consular Services

December 7, 2021
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificates are recognized as valid based on Measure No 21 on border control only if all of the following conditions (1.-5.) are fulfilled regardless of their issuing countries and regions from December 4, 2021.
  1. The following items must be listed either in Japanese or English.
    • (1) Name
    • (2) Date of birth
    • (3) Product name / Manufacturer of the Vaccines
    • (4) Date of vaccination
    • (5) The number of COVID-19 vaccine doses
  2. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate must be issued by an official body such as government of any of the countries/ regions.
    • (Note) For a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued in Japan, the following certificates or records are valid.
    • Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 issued by either the Government of Japan or a local public authority/municipality in Japan (The Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 for overseas travel)
    • Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19 issued by a local public authority/ municipality in Japan
    • Record of vaccination for COVID-19 issued by medical institutions in Japan
    • Other documents equivalent to the certificates and record listed above
  3. The name/manufacturer of the vaccines must be one of the following.
    • COMIRNATY/Pfizer
    • Vaxzevria/AstraZeneca
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna/Moderna
    • (Note) The Name/Manufacturer of the Vaccines above are those approved in Japan.
    • (Note)From 0:00 am (JST) on October 12 2021 Covishield vaccine licensed by AstraZeneca and manufactured by Serum Institute of India is treated as identical to Vaxzevria vaccine, Intramuscular injection manufactured by AstraZeneca and is accepted as a valid vaccination certificate if other conditions are met.
  4. You must be inoculated at least 2 doses of the vaccines listed in 3.
    • (Note) If you are administered 2 different types of vaccines, both vaccines must be listed in 3. above.
  5. It will be approved if at least 14 days have passed after the date of second dose.
    • (Note) The day of the second vaccination does not count as one of the 14 days.

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