Statement by Mr. Jun Yamada
Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations
Agenda item 124: Joint Inspection Unit

Sixty-third Session of the General Assembly
4 March 2009

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

At the outset, I would like to thank Mr. Even Fontaine Ortiz, Chairman of the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU), for introducing the report of the Joint Inspection Unit for 2008 and its programme of work for 2009 (A/63/34). I would also like to thank Mr. Adnan Amin, Director of the Secretariat of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination, for presenting the note of the Secretary-General (A/63/731). I would like to present my delegation's views on the report of the Unit.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation welcomes the work of the JIU as an independent inspection body responsible to the General Assembly, legislative organs of specialized agencies and other relevant international organs. The JIU should exercise fully its functions, powers and responsibilities in accordance with its statute and the mandates given it by relevant resolutions of the General Assembly. The JIU should fulfill its responsibilities to present recommendations by which the United Nations and other relevant organs may improve management, achieve greater coordination and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their activities.

We welcome the efforts by the Unit to streamline its working processes, procedures and human resources management, as explained in its report. My delegation would like to underline that efforts for reform should be continuous: JIU should persevere in its efforts to improve its working methods in the coming years. The programme of work for 2009, however, does not touch upon this matter. My delegation wishes to hear the views of the Chairman of the JIU on his endeavors to improve further the working methods of the Unit.

We note that the report of the Unit addresses the topic of results-based management by referring to the proposal by the United Nations Evaluation Group to create a United Nations system-wide independent evaluation unit. The Unit also presents in the annex of its report a strategic framework for 2010-2019 as a way to implement its results-based management benchmarking framework. The report, however, does not fully explain or adequately evaluate the context and the content of the proposal by the UN Evaluation Group. During the informal consultations, we wish to hear the positions of the Evaluation Group and the JIU on this matter in greater detail. As for the strategic framework for 2010-2019, we note that the systemic review of the administration and management of each participating organization is proposed. During the informal consultations, we would like to know how the JIU envisions enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness in the face of such an increase in workload.

We note in addition that the JIU expresses its concern on the issue of appointment of its executive secretary. My delegation is of the view that this is an issue that should be discussed and resolved through discussion between the Secretary-General and the Unit. It is our hope that the Secretary-General and the JIU will make expedited efforts towards appointing the executive secretary in a timely manner. We also trust that this issue will be resolved in accordance with the statute of the Unit, which clearly states that the staff of the secretariat of the Unit shall comprise staff members of the United Nations. The managerial independence of the Unit should be differentiated from its operational independence.

Mr. Chairman,

In closing, let me add that my delegation wishes to participate in constructive discussions on this agenda item and will be pleased if the views expressed in this statement have provided some guidance for the forthcoming discussions.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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