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December 15, 2010

Climate Change: Japan's view on the outcome of COP16 (Cancun Agreements)

Q1: What is Japan's view on the outcome of COP16 (Cancun Agreements)?
  1. (1) The Cancun Agreements decide to anchor the mitigation pledges of both developed and developing countries submitted according to the Copenhagen Accord under the UNFCCC and include core elements of major areas such as REDD+, finance and technology in a balanced manner.
  2. (2) The Cancun Agreements, being consistent with the Japan's position regarding the Kyoto Protocol, succeeded in advancing the process toward the establishment of a fair and effective international framework with the participation of all major emitters.
  3. (3) Japan expresses its appreciation to Mexico, the President of COP16, for its extensive efforts in producing the Cancun Agreements. Japan continues to engage in advancing the negotiations by building on the Cancun Agreements to establish a new comprehensive legally-binding document.
Q2: What is Japan's view regarding the set of decisions of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP)?
  1. (1) The CMP6 Decisions states that "the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) shall aim to complete its work pursuant to decision 1/CMP.1 and have its results adopted by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol of the KP as early as possible and in time to ensure that there is no gap between the first and second commitment periods". At the same time, it also has a footnote stating that it is "without prejudice to the position of the Parties nor to the right of Parties under article 21, paragraph 7 of the KP". Therefore, it fully reflects Japan's position that it will not agree on setting a 2nd commitment period in a way that fixes the current framework under which only a part of developed countries are obligated to reduce emissions.
  2. (2) In relation to the CMP6 Decisions, the Japanese government has submitted a letter which reiterates the Japan's consistent position to Executive Secretary of UNFCCC.

Note: According to the article 21 paragraph 7 of the Kyoto Protocol, amendments to the Annex B, including setting up the 2nd commitment period, shall be adopted only with the written consent of the Party concerned.

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