Cabinet Decision on the Guideline on Policy Promotion

May 20, 2011

"The Guideline on Policy Promotion for the Revitalization of Japan" was decided by the cabinet on May 17. The Guideline lays out basic policies for economic and fiscal management after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and basic principles for restarting toward Japan's revitalization as well as procedures for each major policy.
On that day Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeaki Matsumoto stated as follows: This means that the Cabinet will resume its effort to address the challenges it has been facing since before the Great East Japan Earthquake, in addition to its response to the current crisis. For both post-quake reconstruction open to the international community and the New Growth Strategy, MOFA will continue to steadily deal with diplomatic issues including economic diplomacy. In our understanding, the maintenance of basic policies on comprehensive economic partnerships was reconfirmed at the Cabinet Meeting, and we hope to advance each arrangement steadily in accordance with the policies.

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