Application for Japanese passports of minors

未成年者の旅券発給申請における注意点(親権者用お知らせ(PDF)Open a New Window

  1. 未成年の子どもに係る日本国旅券の発給申請については、親権者である両親のいずれか一方の申請書裏面の「法定代理人署名」欄への署名により手続を行っています。ただし、旅券申請に際し、もう一方の親権者から子どもの旅券申請に同意しない旨の意思表示があらかじめ都道府県旅券事務所や在外公館に対してなされているときは、旅券の発給は、通常、当該申請が両親の合意によるものとなったことが確認されてからとなります。その確認のため、都道府県旅券事務所や在外公館では、通常、子どもの旅券申請についてあらかじめ不同意の意思表示を行っていた側の親権者に対し、同人が作成(自署)した「旅券申請同意書」の提出意思をお尋ねし、同意書の提出が行われた後に旅券を発給しています。
  2. 国によっては、父母の双方が親権を有する場合に、一方の親権者が、子を他方の親権者の同意を得ずに国外に連れ出すことを刑罰の対象としていることがあります。実際に、居住していた国への再入国に際し、子を誘拐した犯罪被疑者として逮捕されたり、ICPO(国際刑事警察機構)を通じて国際手配される事案も生じており、そのように国内法で子の連れ去りを犯罪としている国に所在する在外公館では、在留邦人の皆様がこのような不利益を被ることを予防する観点から、子の旅券申請の際には、他方の親権者の不同意の意思表示がない場合であっても、旅券申請に関する両親権者の同意の有無を口頭にて確認させて頂いておりますので、あらかじめご承知下さい。

Application for Japanese passports of minors (Notice for parents (PDF) Open a New Window)

  1. Regarding the application for Japanese passports of minors, Japan issues passports by having a signature of a custodian as a legal representative to the application form.
    However, if the other parent has expressed his/her disagreement on the issuance of the child's passport either to the Japanese Embassies, Consulates General or the prefectural passport offices in Japan beforehand, the passport will usually be issued after the verification of the consent of both parents. In this verification process, the Japanese Embassies and Consulates General, as well as the prefectural passport offices, check in principle with the parent who disagreed beforehand on the issuance of child's passport whether he/she is now willing to submit a "Letter of Consent for an Application of Passport", and the passport will be issued after the submission of the Letter.

    One needs to come to the Japanese Embassy, Consulate-General or prefectural passport office in Japan to express disagreement in writing with other supporting documents such as "Koseki Tohon" (family registry) that demonstrates your parental authority. For details on necessary documents, please ask the Japanese Embassy, Consulate-General or prefectural passport office to which you plan to submit the documents.
  2. In some countries, taking a child abroad without consent of his/her spouse who has parental authority may be accounted to criminal liability. In fact, there are cases in which parent taking a child was arrested of child abduction when he/she reentered the country, or that parent was placed on the international wanted list of International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO). To prevent Japanese citizens from such disadvantages, the Japanese Embassies and the Consulates General, which are located in such countries that stipulate in domestic law the taking of a child as a crime, are checking verbally to confirm the existence of agreement of both parents on the application for child's passport, even if there is no declaration of disagreement from one parent.