African Festa 2009

May 11, 2009

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of Yokohama, with the support of African embassies in Japan and Kanagawa Prefecture, will hold African Festa 2009 on May 16 (Saturday) and 17 (Sunday) in Yokohama (the Red Brick Warehouses' Event Venue and Floors 2 and 3 of Red Brick Warehouse No. 1).
  2. African Festa 2009 will include a talk show in commemoration of TICAD IV featuring guests such as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Misako Konno. In addition, the following events are planned to convey the charm of Africa to large number of people. TICAD IV Goodwill Ambassador Mayu Tsuruta is also scheduled to attend the opening ceremony.
  3. (1) A concert performed by Mr. Afel Bocoum, a musician from the Republic of Mali.

    (2) Exhibitions of African culture and tourism including sales of African food from African embassies in Japan.

    (3) Reports of activities and exhibitions of African goods by NGOs.

    (4) Performances by African musicians and dance groups in Japan.

    (5) Guests can directly get in touch with African culture, musical instruments, and clothing at the "Lecture Corner," "Workshop Corner," and "Fashion Corner." Parents and children can also enjoy the "African Corner" together.

(Reference) African Festa is an open-air event that broadly introduces Africa to Japanese citizens through lectures, music, and cultural events, and aims to deepen understanding of Africa. Previously, the annual African Festa was regularily held in Hibiya Park in Tokyo. However, upon the occasion of one-year anniversary of TICAD IV, this year's African Festa will be held in Yokohama, the site of TICAD IV.