The Sixth Asian Senior-level Talks on Non-Proliferation (ASTOP-VI)

December 1, 2009

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host the Sixth Asian Senior-level Talks on Non-Proliferation (ASTOP-VI) on December 11 (Fri.) at the Mita Kaigisho (Mita Conference Hall) in Tokyo.
  2. ASEAN member states, China, Republic of Korea and countries with a common interest in the security of the Asian region such as the United States and Australia will be represented among the convening senior government officials in charge of non-proliferation policies.
    Various issues related to the strengthening of the non-proliferation apparatus in Asia will be discussed during the Talks to deepen the level of understanding among countries of their desired non-proliferation implementation measures, the obstacles they would face and solutions to such obstacles.
  1. ASTOP-VI will build on the discussions of the five previous meetings and will include the following topics:
  2. (1) Regional non-proliferation issues and implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions (North Korea and Iran)

    (2) Peaceful uses of atomic energy and nuclear non-proliferation (including application of the IAEA Additional Protocol)

    (3) Nuclear security and the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)

(Note) Past meetings of the Asian Senior-level Talks on Non-Proliferation (ASTOP)

    First Meeting   (Tokyo)     November 13, 2003

    Second Meeting (Tokyo)      February 9, 2005

    Third Meeting  (Tokyo)      February 13, 2006

    Fourth Meeting  (Tokyo)     January 25-26, 2007

    Fifth Meeting   (Tokyo)     April 25, 2008


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