African Festa 2008

May 2, 2008

  1. “African Festa 2008,” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-sponsored by Yokohama City and supported by African embassies in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, will be held on May 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) in Yokohama (Red Brick Warehouse).
  2. “African Festa” is an outdoor event aimed to promote wide-spread understanding and support for Africa.  The Africa Fest has been held annually in Tokyo (at Hibiya Park), but this year, it will be held in Yokohama as TICAD IV will be held there from May 28 (Wed) to 30 (Fri).
  3. Various events will be held to promote the attraction of Africa.  Main events are as follows:
  4. (1) Talk show hosted by Ms. Mayu Tsuruta, TICAD IV Goodwill Ambassador

    (2) Live concert by Sekou Bembeya Diabate, popular guitarist from the Republic of Guinea

    (3) Presentation of African culture and tourism by African embassies in Tokyo

    (4) Exhibition of African products by African embassies in Tokyo and NGOs.

    Sales of African dishes by African embassies in Tokyo and African restaurants

    (5) Performances by African musicians and dance groups in Japan

    (6) “Lecture Corner,” “Workshop Corner,” and “Fashion Corner” for direct experience of the culture, musical instruments, and clothing of Africa, as well as stage performance and “hands-on” craftwork for children