Japan-Egypt Year of Science and Technology 2008: Opening Ceremony in Grand Hall of Cairo University

March 6, 2008

  1. On March 8 (Sat) (local time, same day), the opening ceremony of the Japan-Egypt Year of Science and Technology 2008 will be held in the Grand Hall of Cairo University.  The ceremony will be attended by Mr. Osamu Uno, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, from the Government of Japan, and it will also include a keynote speech by Dr. Taizo Yakushiji, Member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy.
  2. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Uno will also attend a ceremony for Japan-Egypt Children Friendship Day which will be held in Al Azhar Park, Cairo.  In the ceremony, there will be such events as demonstrations of flying giant kites by a group of enthusiasts from Hamamatsu, and puppet plays and aikido demonstrations by volunteers from the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) members.
  3. In this year which marks the Japan-Egypt Year of Science and Technology 2008, there will be various kinds of academic programs between universities in Japan and Egypt, and many exchange programs held by governmental agencies and private companies.