2nd Seminar on National Reconciliation of Iraq

March 14, 2008

  1. The Government of Japan will hold the Seminar on National Reconciliation of Iraq from March 20 (Thu) to March 28 (Fri) inviting 13 members of the Iraqi delegation comprised of members of parliament, including heads of parties of both Shiite and Sunni affiliations, and other influential persons.
  2. The Seminar is held based on the consideration that the promotion of national reconciliation among different ethnic/sectarian groups is essential for a solid stabilization of Iraq, while the current security situation in Iraq showing signs of improvement. It is expected that Japan's efforts of holding such Seminar would contribute to that end.
  3. During the period, the delegation will have meetings with the Japanese Government officials as well as the members of the Japanese parliament. The participants will also discuss among themselves on the current issues of Iraq such as Oil and Gas Law, Amendment of the Constitution and Federalism. Further, visit to Hiroshima is planned so that they can share the experiences of Japan's post-war democratization, peace building and reconstruction.

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