Global Fund Replenishment for 2006-2007: London Meeting

September 2, 2005

  1. The Global Fund Replenishment Meeting for 2006-2007 will be held on September 5 (Mon) and 6 (Tue) in London with the participation of 30 countries, two international organizations and two private-sector organizations. United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan will chair the ministerial meeting to be held on the 6th, and Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, the host country, and others will deliver addresses.
  2. From Japan, Mr. Mitoji Yabunaka, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs (chief representative), and Mr. Shigeki Sumi, Deputy Director-General, Global Issues Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will participate in the meeting. Also attending the meeting will be Mr. Tadashi Yamamoto, Director, "Friends of the Global Fund, Japan", at the request of the secretariat of the Global Fund.
  3. As a main donor country in Asia, Japan has so far donated about 327 million dollars to the Global Fund. Furthermore, Prime Minister Koizumi expressed at the end of June this year a commitment that Japan would contribute an additional 500 million dollars for the Global Fund in the coming years. At the forthcoming meeting, Japan will renew its commitment to fight against three major infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria that are seriously threatening human security.

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