International Law Moot Court Competition "Asia Cup 2005"

August 1, 2005

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will sponsor International Law Moot Competition "Asia Cup 2005" on August 22 (Mon) and 23 (Tues) in Tokyo (Mita Conference Hall).
  2. With regard to a case related to international human rights and humanitarian law (e.g. treatments of a family related to a terrorist), six delegation teams from Asian universities (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand) that passed preliminary memorial screening and three Japanese university teams that will have won the domestic preliminary "Japan Round" to be held from August 5 (Fri) to 7 (Sun) in Tokyo will debate in "Asia Cup 2005" to compete with each other for Foreign Minister's Award.
  3. "Asia Cup 2005" intends to actualize a promotion of knowledge and understandings of international human rights and humanitarian law, to enlarge solid human network by inviting Asian promised students and to contribute to protection and enforcement of human rights, not only in Japan but also around the Asian region.
  4. Having been hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2003, this International Law Moot Court is highly reputed among the Asian international law circles and has acquired a large number of participants and galleries every year. Furthermore, cross-cultural experiences and construction of mutual understandings between delegation teams from Asian countries and Japanese participants raise outstanding occasion of international cooperation in human rights education and dissemination of international human rights and humanitarian treaties.

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