Training Course on Prevention and Crisis Management of Biological Terrorism

July 13, 2005

The Government of Japan will jointly hold a training course with the Government of Malaysia on Prevention and Crisis Management of Biological Terrorism from 18th to 22nd July in coordination with the Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter-Terrorism (SEARCCT).

Approximately 50 participants from the ASEAN member countries, People's Republic of China, and Republic of Korea, who are in charge of counter-terrorism against biological terrorism and control of biological agents, will attend this seminar. Experts from Japan, the US, Canada, France, Singapore, and World Health Organization (WHO) will deliver lectures on:

  • Past Experiences in bio-hard/ terrorism
  • Bio-Security
  • Infectious Diseases and Surveillance
  • Preparedness and Response

At the APEC 2002 Summit, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi announced that Japan would host seminars on CBRN terrorism over the next five years to provide capacity building assistance for the Asia Pacific Region by utilizing Japan's experience and expertise in this field. Translating this commitment into concrete projects, the first seminar was held in Tokyo in September 2003 and the second was held in cooperation with the SEARCCT in July 2004. This training course is the third in the series, and will be devoted to bio-terrorism.

This training course also constitutes Japan's cooperative activity for the SEARCCT, for which Japan expressed support in the "Japan-ASEAN Joint Declaration for Cooperation in the Fight against International Terrorism," which was adopted on the occasion of the Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting in November 2004.


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