Informal Meeting on Further Actions against Climate Change

June 25, 2003

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold an informal meeting on "Further Actions against Climate Change" from July 2 (Wed) to 4 (Fri) in Tokyo (Mita House).

  2. The participants in the informal meeting will be its co-chairs, Mr. Yoshiki Mine, Ambassador for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. Everton Vieira Vargas, Director General, Department of Environment and Special Affairs, Ministry of External Relations of Brazil; from advanced countries, Mr. Dr. Harlan L. Watson, Senior Climate Negotiator and Special Representative, Department of State of the United States, Mr. Nikolai N. Pomoshnikov, Counselor, Division of the International Organizations, Department of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and government representatives from Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and the EC; and from developing countries, Mr. Feng Gao, Deputy Director-General, Department of Treaty and Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, and government representatives of Argentina, India, Iran, Mexico, the ROK and South Africa.

  3. The informal meeting will discuss the Kyoto Protocol and the strengthening of further actions against global warming with a view to establishing a common rule in which the U.S. and developing countries participate.

  4. The 17 participating countries in the informal meeting account for nearly 70% of the world energy-oriented greenhouse gas emissions.

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