Japan-EU High-level Consultations

November 19, 2001

  1. The Japan-EU High-level Consultations will be held on November 21 (Wed) and 22 (Thu) in Tokyo at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  2. The Consultations will be attended, on the Japanese side, by Mr. Shotaro Oshima, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and other officials from the Ministries and agencies concerned; and, on the EU side, by Mr. Guy Legras, Director General of External Relations, European Commission, and other officials concerned from the European Commission.

  3. At the Consultations, the participants will take up such issues as the economic situation and economic policies of both Japan and the EU as well as the international economy, and they will exchange views on the progress of cooperation and dialogue in wide-ranging areas.

  4. The High-level Consultations between Japan and the EU have been held since 1973, in which extensive policy dialogue on matters of mutual interest for both sides has been conducted from a comprehensive standpoint.


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