KEDO Ambassador-Level Consultations

July 24, 1998

  1. The Ambassador-level Consultations of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization's (KEDO) Executive Board Members (Japan, R.O.K., U.S.A. and E.U.) and the secretariat will be held on July 27 (Mon.) and 28 (Tue.) at the KEDO secretariat in New York.

  2. The consultations will be attended by the following ambassadors to KEDO: Mr. Masaji Takahashi (Japan), Mr. Chang Sun Sup (R.O.K.), Mr. Paul Cleveland (U.S.A.), and Mr. Jean-Pierre Leng (EU); and from the secretariat side, Mr. Dusaix Anderson, Executive Director.

  3. At the coming consultations, there will be discussions on such issues as the cost bearing for the project for a light water reactor.

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