Study Tour to Hyogo Prefecture by a Diplomatic Corps in Japan

December 1, 2011

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will hold a Study Tour with Hyogo Prefecture for a Diplomatic Corps in Japan from Wednesday, December 7 to Thursday, December 8.
  2. The Study Tour is held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with local governments, in order to showcase regional attractions such as culture and industry for diplomats in Japan.
  3. During the Tour, the participants will deepen their understanding of the situation in Hyogo Prefecture through visits to industrial, medical and disaster management facilities in Kobe to exchange opinions with people from a variety of sectors, including private enterprises.

Expected Participants:
17 diplomats from 12 diplomatic establishments in Japan
-- 8 Embassies in Tokyo:
Of Angola, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Uruguay
-- 4 Consulates-General in Kobe and Osaka:
Of Germany, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands and the United States of America


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