Emergency Grant Aid for the People Affected by the Flood in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

August 16, 2010

  1. On August 16 (Mon), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency grant aid of up to 10 million USD to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in response to the disastrous floods caused by the unprecedented heavy rain, in addition to the 3 million USD grant aid, which had already been announced on August 3.

  2. Upon request from the Government of Pakistan and UN’s Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan announced on August 11, the Government of Japan has decided to extend the additional emergency assistance from a humanitarian point of view for those affected and in light of friendly relations between Japan and Pakistan.

[Japan’s Assistance for the Flood in Pakistan]

・Emergency relief goods: 20,000,000YEN (about $ 240,000)
・Emergency grant aid: $ 3,000,000
・Emergency relief by Japanese NGOs through Japan Platform: 100,000,000YEN (about $1,200,000)

In total, Japan has provided around 14.4 million USD for this emergency.