Signing of the Japan-Brazil Social Security Agreement

July 29, 2010

  1. On July 29 (Thu.), the Agreement between Japan and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Social Security (Japan-Brazil Social Security Agreement) was signed in Tokyo between Minister for Foreign Affairs Katsuya Okada and Minister of Social Security Carlos Eduardo Gabas of Brazil.

  2. Between Japan and Brazil, employees who are temporarily dispatched to Brazil by Japanese companies and to Japan by Brazilian companies as well as self-employed persons who temporarily work in the other country are obliged to join the pension systems of both countries. Some of them are unable to receive a pension of the other country due to insufficient period of coverage to fulfill the requirement for entitlement of pensions in the other country.

    The Japan-Brazil Social Security Agreement is aimed to solve these problems. Upon the entry into force of this Agreement, those temporarily dispatched employees and others for a period of five years or less to the other country will, in principle, join only the pension system of the country from which employees are dispatched. It will also be able, based on the Agreement, to establish eligibility of receiving a pension in each country by totalizing the periods of the coverage in both countries.

  3. It is expected that the conclusion of this Agreement will reduce the burden imposed on companies and employees as well as further promote human and economic exchanges between Japan and Brazil.

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