Meeting between Mr. Osamu Uno, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, and U Nyan Win, Foreign Minister of Myanmar

May 26, 2008

  1. For about 40 minutes from 09:00 a.m. on May 26 (Mon) Myanmar time, Mr. Osamu Uno, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, now visiting Myanmar, talked with U Nyan Win, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar.
  2. Mr. Uno expressed his heartfelt sympathy for the victims of the cyclone disaster, outlined Japan’s assistance so far, informed U Nyan Win of the arrival of an investigation team for medical disaster relief team and a survey team on sunken ships, and asked for the Foreign Minister’s cooperation with the operations of these experts.
  3. U Nyan Win expressed his gratitude for all the assistance from the Government of Japan for cyclone victims including the reconnaissance medical team and the survey team on sunken ships.  He also showed his deep appreciation for the fact that Japan shows a much more practical attitude toward assistance then other countries.  The Myanmar Foreign Minister expressed his strong expectations of Japan’s technical expertise in each field.
  4. They also talked about the rehabilitation of rice fields including measures against brine damage.  Mr. Uno said that Japan is ready to dispatch a survey team for rehabilitation and reconstruction that would include these measures.