Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Teams in Response to the Earthquake Disaster in Sichuan Province, China

May 16, 2008

  1. In response to the earthquake disaster which occurred in Sichuan Province, the Government of Japan has decided to dispatch a Japan Disaster Relief Team to the Government of the People's Republic of China to search and rescue the victims.  The first team departed Narita International Airport at 18:10 on May 15 (Thu) and arrived in Beijing at 22:25 (Japan time) on the same day.  It will leave Beijing at 23:00 (local time) on the same day and arrive at Chengdu on 01:20 (local time) on the next day.
  2. Soon after the team arrives at Chengdu, it will head straight for Qingchuang County, Guangyuan City, Sichuang Province, located approximately 400 km north of Chengdu along National Highway No.108.  The County is near the border of Sichuan Province and Gansu Province.  After the team arrives, it will start search-and-rescue operations immediately.
  3. The second team will leave Narita International Airport at 13:30 on May 16 and arrive at Chengdu at 17:55 (local time) on the same day.  The second team will then join the first which will have already started operations.