Emergency Assistance for Flood Disaster in the Republic of Yemen

October 28, 2008

  1. On October 28 (Tue), the Government of Japan decided to provide emergency relief goods (tents, blankets, plastic sheets, sleeping mats, water purifiers, etc.) equivalent to about 18 million yen to the Government of the Republic of Yemen, which sustained damage from flooding caused by torrential rainfall.
  2. In the Republic of Yemen, a flood was caused by heavy rain on October 24 in the southeastern part of the country.  The Government of Yemen announced that, as of October 27 (local time), more than a hundred thousand people were affected by the disaster in Hadramut and Mahrah provinces, including 180 people killed, 40 people missing, 140 people seriously injured and 2,000 houses were completely destroyed, displacing more than ten thousand people.
     At present, in those areas, the traffic has been cut off, and food, medical supplies and tents are needed.   The Government of Yemen has requested emergency assistance from Japan, while making utmost efforts to help the victims and restore the damage.
  3. The Government of Japan has decided to extend emergency assistance from a humanitarian point of view and in light of the friendly relations between Japan and Yemen.