Exchange of Notes concerning Japanese Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GAGP) for Female Literacy Project in Chagcharan, Dowlat Yar, and Lal Sarjangal Districts of Ghor Province in Afghanistan

June 11, 2007

  1. The Government of Japan decided to extend to Sanayee Development Organization, an NGO in Afghanistan, a grant assistance for the grass-roots human security project of 9.37 million yen for the female literacy projects in Chagcharan, Dowalat Yar and Lal Sarjangal Districts of Ghor Province.  Notes to this effect were exchanged on June 11 (same day local time) in Kabul between Mr. Junichi Kosuge, Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan, and Mr. Ihsanullah Dileri, Program Director, Sanayee Development Organization.  This project was proposed to the Embassy of Japan in Afghanistan from Chagcharan PRT(led by Lithuania) in Ghor Province through NATO SCR as a coordinated project between Japan and NATO-PRT, in line with an announcement by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on his visit to NATO on January 2007.
  2. The details of this project are as follows.

    ・Sanayee Development Organization will recruit 45 female teachers and offer nine-months literacy course (45 courses).  The course will provide literacy education for 900 women and provide necessary equipment for this education.

     ・Ghor Province is in the mountainous area located at the central part of Afghanistan.  Chagcharan, Dowlat Yar, and Lal Sarjangal Districts are areas which are most behind in the reconstruction process, with the lowest school attendance rate in Afghanistan.  In particular, providing basic education to women in these areas has been an issue which needed to be addressed urgently.

    ・This project is expected to secure 900 trainees a stable income in the future, through the opportunity to obtain basic training in literacy skills.