Assistance through the World Food Programme (WFP) for Senegalese Refugees in Gambia

April 3, 2007

1.   On March 29, the Government of Japan decided, in response to a request from WFP, to contribute U.S. 100,000 dollars (about 11,100,000 yen) out of its funds to WFP for its emergency food aid project for Senegalese refugees (refugees from Casamance) in the Gambia and for the families that are hosting the refugees.

2.   Since August last year, the Senegalese army commenced a major offensive against rebel groups in the Casamance area and many people were internally displaced.  Out of them, 7,500 fled into the Gambian villages and have been lived in ordinary households in Gambia.  As the agricultural productivity in the area where the refugees reside is very low, the area and its residents are carrying a heavy burden.  This assistance will be used for the refugees who depend for their food on WFP and the host families who are taking care of refugees.