Final Results of the By-Election of International Criminal Court (ICC) Judges

December 4, 2007

  1. Re-votes for the last vacant post remaining after the by-election of International Criminal Court (ICC) judges were held on December 3 (Japan Time: December 4) at the Sixth Session of the Assembly of States Parties of the ICC, which is being held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  Mr. David Ntanda Nsereko, the candidate from Uganda, won the re-votes.  As a result, the ICC judges elected in this by-election are, besides Mr. Nsereko, Ms. Fumiko Saiga, Ambassador in Charge of Human Rights, and Mr. Bruno Cotte from France, who won in the election held on November 30 (Japan Time: December 1).
  2. The ICC judges elected in this by-election will take over the remaining term of the three judges who had resigned.  As a result of a drawing of lots held after the voting on December 3, Ms. Saiga will be in office until March 2009.