Emergency Assistance for the Refugees caused by Mt. Mayon's Volcanic Activity in the Republic of the Philippines

August 16, 2006

  1. On August 16 (Wed), the Government of Japan decided to provide emergency assistance in kind (tents and plastic sheets) equivalent to approximately 10 million yen to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, where a large number of evacuees have taken refuge because of the volcanic activity of Mt. Mayon in south Luzon.
  2. Mt. Mayon, an active volcano, has experienced continuous small-scale eruptions since early July, and about 43,000 people (about 9,200 households) living in the vicinity of the mountain have taken refuge. Continuing such volcanic activity will cause a great concern of increasing the number of evacuees as well as spreading infectious diseases and deteriorating sanitation.
  3. Upon receiving the request made by the Government of the Philippines, the Government of Japan has made above decision of emergency assistance, in light of humanitarian viewpoint as well as friendly relations with the Republic of the Philippines.

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