Telephone Talks between Foreign Ministers of Japan and China

July 5, 2006

  1. Talks between the Foreign Minister of Japan Mr. Taro Aso and his Chinese counterpart Mr. Li Zhaoxing by telephone took place at 15:00 on July 5th.
  2. Mr. Taro Aso stated that Japan is deeply concerned about North Korea's launching of ballistic missiles. Mr. Aso also mentioned that North Korea had violated the moratorium of the Pyongyang Declaration ratified by Japan and North Korea, conflicting with the statement of the six-party talks. He also said that Japan has already expressed a strong protest against North Korea. Mr. Aso explained to his Chinese counterpart Japan's economic sanctions including banning the Mangyongbong-92 from entering Japanese ports.
  3. Mr. Aso stated that it is also important for China to send strong messages to North Korea. Mr. Aso also said that, as Japan is in the position that the Security Council should adopt a resolution at the Security Council, he wished to request China's support and cooperation.
  4. Mr. Li, the Foreign Minister of China, stated that he would like to contact and consult with Japan. Mr. Li also said that it is important to resume six-party talks at an early date and make efforts over this issue with Japan.

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