Adoption of the Resolution on the "International Year of Sanitation 2008" at the United Nations General Assembly

December 21, 2006

  1. The draft resolution on the "International Year of Sanitation 2008", submitted on the initiative of Japan, was adopted by consensus at the plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday December 21st (Wednesday 20th in New York time).
  2. Every day about 4,500 children around the world are dying of diseases related to contaminated water, such as cholera, typhoid and diarrhea, and global-scale efforts in the field of sanitation including toilets and sewage disposal are needed. To tackle this situation, the UN Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation, established by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, compiled a recommendation, "Hashimoto Action Plan", in March this year under the leadership of former Chairman the late Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto. It appealed to the international community to adopt the "International Year of Sanitation 2008" to pay attention to sanitation.
  3. The "International Year of Sanitation 2008" is aimed at raising people's awareness of sanitation, mobilizing needed resources and presenting action guidelines that all the stakeholders concerned should take. For the roadmap of the future activities, Member Countries will discuss the matter with the organizations and countries concerned, mainly led by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs in early 2007.
  4. Japan has been extending proactive ODA for solving water and sanitation challenges which are global issue, and intends to continue providing international assistance in cooperation with international organizations, other donors and NGOs both domestic and international, on the basis of the "Water and Sanitation Broad Partnership Initiative (WASABI)" announced in March this year.

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