Presentation Ceremony of Thirty-two Ambulances to the Health Department of the Governorate of Al-Muthanna (including Samawah), Iraq

March 15, 2005

  1. The presentation ceremony of thirty-two ambulances to the Health Department of the Governorate of Al-Muthanna, provided by Japan's grassroots human security grant aid, was held on March 13 (Sun) from 16:00 (local time: 10:00) at the etape of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces in Samawah. Attending the ceremony on the Japanese side were the Head of the Liaison Office in Samawah of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Japan Iraq Reconstruction Support Group of the JGSDF and its members, and on the Iraqi side, the Director of the Health Department of the Governorate of Al-Muthanna, Director of Al-Samawah General Hospital and representatives of medical institutions of the Governorate.

  2. The provision of these ambulances will improve the medical transportation system in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna, enabling its residents, who were unable to receive adequate medical services, as well as residents in the suburbs, to receive appropriate treatment.

  3. This assistance is expected to create more synergy among the projects with the emergency assistance, such as "the Project for Rehabilitation of Four General Hospitals in the Southern Region of Iraq", including the Samawah General Hospital to which Japan has been extending assistance, and "the Project for Provision of Equipment to Primary Health Centers in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna", projects with the grassroots human security grant aid in the medical field, as well as the humanitarian and reconstruction activities provided by the JGSDF in the same field.

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